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Hair Loss Treatment Kit
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Hair Loss Treatment Kit

Hair loss and thinning are one of the biggest concerns of the male adult population. Genetic reasons and environmental issues are the prime reasons for such concerns. The ideal way to deal with hair loss is by choosing a Hair Loss Treatment Kit in Mumbai. We provide an overall solution for patients suffering from hair loss.

What is in a hair restoration kit?

A turnkey Hair Restoration Kit in Mumbai prepared by our experts will contain doctor-prescribed pills, multivitamins, lotions, and shampoo for an individual patient. The medicated products will vary if a patient is suffering from a particular hair-related problem.

Benefits of using hair restoration kit

  • Easy access and regulation of application
  • Prescribed medications as per expert dermatologists and cosmetologists

Cost of Hair Loss Treatment Kit 

The Hair Loss Treatment Kit cost will depend on the medicated products prescribed by our doctors. Feel free to contact our experts.

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