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Body To Scalp Transplant
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Body To Scalp Transplant

What is this treatment?

A body to scalp transplant is the kind of hair transplant treatment wherein experts safely extract body hair and plant it on the head. This, in turn, helps provide the person a very natural-looking set of head hair. 

What is the procedure?

Most facilities in body hair transplant in Mumbai involve a similar procedure when carrying out this treatment. The body tends to grow at a certain angle underneath the skin, which is then extracted with the help of a primary follicular unit extraction (FUE) tool. The hair follicle is then safely transplanted in the scalp. 

What are the benefits?

Body to hair transplant treatment is proven to be helpful for many when it comes to improving their appearance as well as self-confidence. Men and women with thinning hair or a history of baldness can hugely benefit from this procedure. Those who have suffered scalp injury can also resort to the scalp hair transplant in Mumbai. However, it is vital to consult the best body to scalp transplant if you’re considering this treatment.

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