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Designer Hairline
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Designer Hairline

Due to uncontrollable hair loss, the hairline recedes and gives an awkward shape for men. Even women also suffer from abrupt hair loss disrupting the hairline. Worry no more as our expert cosmetologists are here to provide a Designer Hairline in Mumbai. With our elegant hair transplant and restoration solution, you will regain your youthful look back. 

How a hairline design is formulated?

Considering the facial features and natural hairline, our experts prepare a hairline design for every patient seeking a hair transplant. It is an artistic approach that delivers a beautiful hairline and shape to reconstruct a patient’s appearance. Our Hairline Designs in Mumbai are the most sought-after treatments for baldness and hair fall. 

The process involves the collection of follicular hair grafts from a donor or a patient’s scalp where hair is ample. A natural look will be designed after studying the facial features of the patient in detail. This is where the artistic skill of our expert cosmetologists is used. Fine details can be achieved at a micro-level by using our latest infrastructure. Our Hairline Redesign in Mumbai is undetectable and is done by experienced surgeons. 

Benefits of designer hairlines

  • Untraceable provision to reconstruct a beautiful hairline
  • A comprehensive procedure where a hairline is drawn on the scalp considering the previous conditions.
  • Artistic approach in hair grafting methods
  • Detailed study of facial attributes for designing a customized hairline for brilliant outcomes

The Designer hairline cost depends on the span of baldness and type of hairline a patient wants. 

Side effects of hairline redesign

A hair transplant on a newly designed hairline might cause discomfort and redness for a few days it will recede within a few days. The grafting technique is done very easily and under local anaesthesia if needed. Contact us for a natural hairline design in Mumbai.

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