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PRP Treatment For Women
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PRP Treatment For Women

Many adult women suffer from hair thinning issues. The rate of natural hair growth reduces causing thinning in specific regions. The use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy stimulates hair growth naturally. We offer exclusive PRP Therapy for Women in our clinic.

What is PRP Treatment for women?

PRP treatment is a minimally-invasive therapy where blood is collected from the patient. It is then processed and then injected inside the scalp of hair-thinned areas. Our PRP Treatment for women in Mumbai promotes natural hair growth by elevating the scalp condition.

Results of PRP therapy for women

  • Treating hair loss and hair thinning issues via natural ways
  • Scalp health is improved to increase the success rate of hair grafting
  • Faster recovery

With our PRP Therapy in Mumbai, you will find a new level of confidence due to hair re-growth in bald regions. Consult our expert dermatologists to proceed.

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