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Hair Transplant For African
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Hair Transplant For African

What is this treatment?

African hair transplant is the kind where the patient is transplanted with dense and bushy hair. The density level, in this case, is different from the regular kind. Numerous experts in the field for hair transplant for African in Mumbai believe that this is one of those procedures that typically takes a longer time than the usual ones. 

What is the procedure?

The African continent is actually blessed with curly and thick hair due to racial mixing and the climates of the coastal regions for ages. This is precisely why a fue procedure in African hair transplants in Mumbai can be quite rare to find. Even one of the best afro hair transplant service will need the patient to come into the clinic multiple times before the results for which can be seen again. However, there are different methods through which this procedure can receive its much-needed speed and reduce the amount of time spent.

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