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Minoxidil For Hair Loss
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Minoxidil For Hair Loss

What is the treatment?

People who are experiencing female pattern baldness or any other type of Alopecia (hair loss) are known to lose nearly 50 to 150 hand strands a day. This is what takes place generally over the regular cycles. The unfortunate thing about losing hair is that once we lose them, it takes time for the hair to grow back again. Therefore, different hair loss treatments are gaining immense popularity in the market. 

What is the procedure?

Among the leading hair loss treatments, Minoxidil in Mumbai is known to stop the hair loss. In fact, some of the best Minoxidil for hair loss in Mumbai has also proven to help with the regrowth of new hair. Minoxidil for hair loss involves medication and the application of topical lotion or foam. This procedure treats the problem from the roots and, thus, takes anywhere from three to four months before you can actually see the results. 

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