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Weight Loss Diet
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Weight Loss Diet

Why choose a Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

When it comes to weight loss then it can happen easily by altering or changing our diets. Diet plays an important role in our weight and studies suggest that 80% of weight loss happens from a changing diet. Diet plays a vital role in all of our lives and if by altering it we have a chance of losing weight then why not take it and do what needs to be done in a healthy manner. If by switching to a healthier meal will make us slim and give sus our lost confidence back then who is not going to take that all we need now is a diet plan for weight loss.

How to actually lose weight?

By having a balanced diet and keeping your junk food consumption in check chances are that you will lose weight efficiently and effectively with that thought in mind. We are not saying to completely avoid junk food and don’t eat anything that is remotely fatty. All we are saying is keep a check on your diet and watch what you eat in small portions and do not overeat. All these mantras will help you lose weight in no time. All these things are easier said than done there will be difficulties but stick to this regime and you will have no problem in saying Ta-ta to those extra kilos

The quick weight loss diet plan 

  • Breakfast- oats porridge in skimmed milk (1 bowl) and mixed nuts (25 grams)
  • Lunch - dal (1 Katori), gajar matar sabzi (1 Katori) and 1 chapati 
  • Dinner - dal (1 Katori), lauki sabzi (1 Katori) and 1 chapati 

These are the thumb rule when losing weight you can switch on these vegetables and but keep the skeleton the same and you will start to notice a difference in your size in no time. Keep changing the vegetables but try to keep it healthy and whenever you are snaking try to eat healthy snacks which will ultimately help you lose weight even faster.

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