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Fue Hair Transplant
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Fue Hair Transplant

With the advancement in hair transplant technology, a new minimally-invasive process is being practiced by the leading dermatological experts around the world. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is done by our expert dermatologists to deliver the best results for a bald patient. 

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplant procedure is a minimally-invasive hair restoration process where individual follicles are removed from the patient’s head via making circular incisions using a fine needle. A graft is prepared to be placed on the bald area for normal hair growth after the procedure is completed. The Best FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai can be availed from our clinic. We have a team of expert and experienced dermatologists to perform this procedure.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

Our procedure will deliver the following benefits. 

  • Minimally invasive with invisible scars
  • Local anaesthesia is performed for the easement of the entire process
  • Little hair removed from the patient’s head for grafting 
  • Growth of normal hair is even and constant
  • No loss in sensitivity

After the procedure is over, a patient recovers within 2 - 5 days and can resume his daily life. The transplanted hair tends to fall and make a place for new hair from the grafted follicles. The FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai depends on the individual cases and the amount of grafting needed to cover the bald zones.

Side effects of FUE treatment

  • Chances of scarring are minimal
  • Minor infection might occur. It can be cured by prescribed antibiotics

Who can seek FUE treatment?

Men suffering from male pattern baldness can seek this treatment. In fact, this treatment can be used to cover injury scars on a patient’s head. Surgical restoration of hair via FUE treatment can cure genetic baldness. 

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