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Liquid Diet For Weight Loss
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Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

What is the Liquid Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

A liquid diet means getting all or most of your calories from liquids some liquid diets are limited to fruit or vegetable juices or shakes that replace all of your meals taken three to four times a day and is the only source of nutrition for your body. A liquid diet like any diet gives fewer calories than you use in a day thus creating a calorie deficiency which is then fulfilled by burning fat and ultimately helping you lose weight and get slimmer. If you want to lose weight real quick then liquid diets are one way to go but they can be harmful to the body and doctors do not recommend a liquid diet plan for weight loss.

Side Effects of Liquid Diet

Liquid diets are sometimes promoted to lose weight quickly. And other times it is promoted on the fact that the body is filled with toxins and this is the best way to remove those toxins. But starving your body for a long time can have numerous side effects and some of them are :

  • Low energy- if your body isn’t getting any calories then it is obvious to run low on energy 
  • indigestion - fasting and going on liquid diets interrupt our bodily functions and can create a hindrance indigestion 
  • Malnutrition- eating nothing is only going to make the body nutrition less and making the person malnourished.
  • Loss of muscle- if you go on frequent liquid diets then you ultimately lose all your fat and when you are out of fat you start to lose the muscles of your body 

Why Full Liquid Diet Plan for Weight Loss shouldn’t be considered 

A liquid diet may provide a quick weight loss or seem like a good option when you are considering losing weight. But it is only going to prove you wrong. In the long run, it will damage your body and hamper all your bodily functions which are not something you want when you get old.

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