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Fut Hair Transplant
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Fut Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is a milestone in hair transplant technology. Our expert dermatologists and the latest infrastructure provide the Best FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai for patients.

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

FUT is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure where harvesting follicles from a strip of the patient’s scalp is done. These follicles are then transplanted in the bald regions of the patient’s head. Simple incision followed by advanced suture techniques are done is done in this surgery. It is performed by the experts in our clinic for exemplary results. The cost of the FUT Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai depends on the amount of follicular transplant necessary.

Benefits of FUT procedure

  • Painless process done under local anaesthesia
  • Scar-less technique developed using modern technology
  • No side effects once the process is complete
  • Minimum or no maintenance cost
  • Less sitting required for covering a bigger bald space on patient’s head
  • High density hair restoration preferred by leading dermatologists of the world

Expected results of FUT hair transplant

  • Permanent hair growth with ample and even foliage to cover bald spots 
  • Results start showing within a few months of the process
  • Elevated confidence in the patients after regaining hair growth and overcoming baldness

Side effects of FUT treatment

There is no side effect of this procedure. The minimally-invasive surgical process will also not leave scars. The patient might feel discomfort from swelling, redness, pain, and itching on the scalp due to follicular transplant and sutures. It will go away once the scalp heals totally.

Who needs FUT treatment?

  • Patients suffering from male pattern baldness but have ample supply of hair follicles in particular regions

  • Patients suffering from hair thinning

  • Scars received from head injury need to be covered

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