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Non Sticky Hair Patch
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Non Sticky Hair Patch

Most of the men suffer from androgenic alopecia and hair thinning issues. It can be solved by choosing our services to prepare personalized Non- Sticky Hair Patch in Mumbai. 

What is non-sticky hair patch treatment?

Auto-immune related and androgenic alopecia causes hair loss in patches. These bald patches can harm your confidence and make you feel stressed all the time. To regain your confidence, you can avail of our services for Hair Patch Fixing in Mumbai. Even advanced baldness cases can be treated with our non-sticky hair wigs.

Benefits of hair patch treatment 

  • Non-sticky hair patches are prepared according to the cases.
  • It can be used multiple times
  • Even and dense hair on bald parts
  • Best non-invasive way to cover advanced baldness

Side effects of hair patch treatment

The non-sticky process of hair patch treatment has no recorded side effects. The Non- Sticky Hair Patch cost depends on the span of baldness covered and the type of hair chosen by an individual.

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