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Designer Hairline
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Designer Hairline

Designer hairline
Designer hairline
  • By: Anagen Hair Transplant Clinic
  • Feb 06, 2020

Suffering from extensive hair loss issues? Or looking for hair restoration by experimenting with a complete new look by having a freshly designed hair line? If yes, then we at Anagen Hair Transplant Clinic have all the solutions for you!

Creating a natural designer hairline has always been one of the foremost elements of a successful hair transplant procedure. Our ability to create a natural hairline has dramatically changed for better over the years. We promise full and undetectable hairlines. Today, patients expect an undetectable hairline that has sufficient density to stand on its own after a single transplant session. They no longer tolerate an embarrassing grafty hairline.

We are better equipped and adopt all the changes technologically, to create hairlines that meet these higher expectations of the individual undergoing hair transplant or hair designing procedure. This is simply due to the use of greater numbers of smaller and more natural looking follicular unit grafts (FU’s) in the hairline region. Follicular unit grafts have given us finger paint brushes with which it becomes easy to create a hairline. However, it is equally important to have a better understanding and recognition of the characteristics that make up normal hairlines. To create the natural looking hairline, we cannot simply use a finer paintbrush; we must also know how to utilize this finer paintbrush.

How is a natural hairline created?

A correctly designed Hairline is vital for a natural look appearance. Here are some of the key elements followed for designing a natural hairline -·

  • Undulated hairline -

In this, the natural hairline of a person without frontal alopecia is contoured with undulations. The hairline of an individual generally flows inwards and outwards along the curved shape across the forehead. Moreover, each hair is seen to be diverging in any direction from the hairline. These factors denote characteristic appearance of natural hair growth, i.e random indentations and projections along the hairline. This formation should be kept in mind while designing hairline during hair transplant procedure. There must be macro- and micro-irregularities in the hairline, for a natural look.

  • Single-hair follicular units in the first row -

 A follicular unit is a fundamental unit of a hair from where hair grows. Single follicular unit can have max of 4 hairs. For designing hairlines which cannot be differentiated, single hair follicular units should be placed in the first few rows of hairline of the patient.

  • Irregular Irregularity -

At first, the hairline appears to be even and uniform. It is on careful observation, it can be known that the hairs along the hairline and scalp are placed randomly. The natural hairs grow at a distance from one another and are not placed randomly at equal distances. Moreover, the growth of natural hairs is in groups of one, two or three hairs. These groups of hair are also formed randomly. Hence it is important that the hairs are grouped and spaced randomly, while designing a hairline.

  • Hair angles -

The hairs at different regions grow at different angles. Similar pattern should be followed during hair transplant. The follicular hair units should be implanted along the natural shifts in angulation of hairline. 

  • Set hairline suiting to facial profile -

 Age, gender and the facial profile, should be kept in mind during marking the hairline. 

  • Hair thickness varies at different zones - 

With undulation and irregular irregularity provided during hairline designing, the hairs with variable thickness should be implanted at different regions. Else the hairline will be easily noticeable to naked eye.

  • Varying hair Density -

The density of hairs on the scalp differs at each location.The hairs generally start getting dense as we move farther from the forehead. The initial hairs at the hairline appear to be far spaced and thin as compared to hairs on different regions. 

  • Random implantation of hairs at dispersed scalp locations -

These implanted dispersed hairs are termed as Island hairs. These are not related to natural hairline. Occasionally, island hairs represent the position of previous hairline. These island hairs in a hair transplant provide an authentic natural look to the hairline. This can be easily done by implanting hairs in a scattered way along the new hairline to provide hair growth similar to the natural hair growth.

  • Angle between frontal hair and temple hairs -

Extra Care should be taken to avoid blunting of angle between front air and temple. Hair transplant surgeons must follow the natural alteration of direction of hairs in temples.

These above mentioned elements for natural hairline designing should be followed for creating a high degree of naturalness as expected by the patients. Selecting and using Follicular hair units rightly combined with artistic and professional surgical skills of the surgeon to follow nature's lead in designing natural looking hairlines are essentially required.

We, at Anagen hair transplant clinic give you the best hairline redesign in Mumbai taking care of the above mentioned hairline designing elements.

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