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Direct Pen Implant Technique
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Direct Pen Implant Technique

Direct pen implant technique
Direct pen implant technique
  • By: Anagen Hair Transplant Clinic
  • Mar 17, 2020

Hair transplants have gained importance with the increasing problem of hair fall. With feu and fight hair transplant technique, the direct pen implant technique also has promising results these days.

What is direct hair implant technique?

Direct pen Implant Technique is the transplantation of the hair grafts into the recipient area by using the hair implanter pen. The implanter used is a pen-like instrument with a hollow needle on one of its ends. Direct pen hair transplant is a surgical procedure that includes shifting individual hair follicles from the back area of the head called the donor site to a bald or balding part of the scalp which is generally known as the recipient site. It is generally used to treat the male pattern baldness.

Hair follicular units are implanted one by one directly into the transplant area in a specific direction, either angle or in depth, giving 100% natural results and maximum viability. The implanter pen is used to provide channel incisions and deposit stages at the same time. This results in reduced trauma and blood loss during the transplant. Decreased trauma therefore means faster healing and also signifies to higher graft survival rate.

A prime advantage of the Direct hair implant technique is the ease of increasing hair density by implanting several hair grafts between existing hairs.

Stepwise procedure of direct happen implant

  • The blood sample of the patient is taken first. The Dermatologist then performs the hair and scalp analysis, understanding the patient's needs and expectations. He then discusses the patient's previous medical history if any, his alopecia level, and thereafter design and plan the hair transplant operation accordingly.
  • Patient's head is then shaved. The Doctor correctly marks the donor area to determine the extraction areas. Subsequently, the design of the transplant is finalised, where the Doctor will mark the implant areas and the frontal line design. 
  • Firstly, the patient is given local anaesthesia. 
  • The extraction of the hair follicles can either be carried out manually or semi-manually, i.e. with micro motor punch. 
  • Manual extraction produces less damage to the donor area, though it takes a little longer.
  • Once the hair follicular units are extracted, they are classified according to the hair by follicular unit. To increase the follicular survival rate, once 1000 – 1500 follicular units are extracted, they are implanted by using the implanter pen . 

The objective and one of the advantages of DHI technique is to reduce the time that the follicular unit stays outside the scalp. 

  • Hence, the process is repeated. 
  • The implanter pen used during the implant process is a tool specially designed for hair transplantation and has the following advantages:
    • This implanter pen makes Smaller incision as compared to other methods.
    • It allows the implant to have a higher density per cm square than other methods.
    • It provides the doctor to use different angles 

The advantages of DHI

  • Simple and modern medical procedure with 100% natural results.
  • Better control of the angle and depth of the implant pen, which allows a more natural appearance.
  • There is less damage to the follicular unit during the transplant.
  • We can achieve a higher density: In the DHI technique, high density is 70-90 grafts / cm2.
  • Incision holes are not required since the follicular units are transplanted using a special DHI implant tool. Therefore:
    • The existing hair is not damaged.
    • The transplant area bleeds less and heals faster.
    • There is a higher rate of survival for the tissue.

DHI is an effective and trusted technique for hair transplant surgery. Its procedure minimizes the time of surgery, minimizes the pain and also less bleeding. It offers comfort and a much quicker healing process for patients.

The Benefits Of Dhi Hair Transplantation Techniques 

  • The fine-tipped structure of the hair sowing pen makes hair transplantation an easy and fast process
  • The direction of hair growth with the hair sowing pen can be determined easily giving a more natural look.
  • the existing hair follicles are not damaged during hair transport.
  • with no incisions or holes drilled, the healing process becomes much shorter.

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